Sunday, September 11, 2011

#26 ~ Mix Seafood Sushi Roll

I still had this Bento when I was in Taipei! I have here mix of maki ~ I couldn't stop eating, quail eggs, okra, and mix fruits.

Some sliced apple and orange, I shaped the quail egg in a cutter, and sprinkled some sesame seeds to the boiled okra.

How I miss Taipei with all Japanese stuff around the corner.


  1. what a healthy meal you got there!

    dropping by from YS. here's my biko & mango..see yah!

  2. that looks very yummy! but sad to say i dont eat sushi even though ive live in taipei for 2years. i thought they call that box pentang? =)

    hopping by.. here are my take
    Fried Rice top with Bacon and
    Fipino Style Spag w/ Puto Cheese

  3. wow i love the food presentation and they are all so healthy! visiting via Ys!

  4. awwww so yummy and healthy. Visiting from YS. Hope you can visit back. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Love the sushi rolls and the fruits! But I'm not a fan of okra.

    Visiting via Yummy Sunday!

  6. Yummy yum yum..I like the maki and the I miss it :)
    Hope you can visit my page too!

  7. looks delicious, i will be happy to have this kind of bento whatever time of the day! :) your meal's always healthy and beautifully done. visiting late from YS, hope you can still visit me back. thanks and have a great week. :)

  8. Visiting from Yummy Sunday #107 ..Sorry for being so late. =)


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