Sunday, June 5, 2011

#17 ~ Mixed Grain Rice, Hot Dog, and Tofu

Boat and rice dumplings are always associated with Dragon Boat Festival. If you guys are interested to know one of the story behind this festival, just click my previous post Weekend Food Tour: Dragon Boat Festival  from last year. My meal for today is not glutinous rice, it's a mixed-grained rice that can be bought in supermarket. I added fish flakes and sesame inside, sort of rice dumplings. To eat the mixed grain rice, I prepared hot dog,  fried egg tofu, fruits and vegetables.

1 cup mixed-grain rice with fish flakes and sesame seed
1 hot dog
parmesan cheese
egg tofu
broccoli, blanched
mixed fruit ~ guava, watermelon, and papaya

I used fruit cutter to shape hotdog, cheese, and fruits.

Enjoy! Happy Dragon Boat Festival!


  1. Hi Lani! I love your new version of Healthy Dumpling! :D
    Have a great weekend! ^.^

  2. Terrific sooc shot! Happy weekend!! Now I am hungry!

  3. Looks delish, now I'm hungry.

  4. Finally your multigrain rice bento is there...:)! It looks very good and I love the fruit stars :)!

  5. looks like a nice and tasty meal, can I have one? ;-)

    Christina, Sweden

  6. Wow, those are very colorful food, I am sure that it tastes delicious too. Thank you for joining!

  7. Looks delicious and really beautiful...

  8. Nice one...Happy SOOC Sunday.

  9. I would be very happy to have that meal for lunch or supper.

  10. I would love to have one serving of this please.
    Here's my entry . Hope you can also join us at my hosted meme Messy Go Round. This week's link is still open. Thanks and have a great week!

  11. yummy!
    Visiting from Color Connection.. here is my
    Color Connection entry...
    Hope you can join my Orange Tuesdays meme this Tuesday sis..Have a nice day!

  12. love the colors and you always have great foods, complete meal that really looks delicious and healthy, thanks for sharing your recipe! visiting you from CC and wishing you a great week! :)


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