Saturday, June 18, 2011

#21 ~ Seafood Chow Mian (Fried Noodles)

First time to use my new metal lunch box and today I'm serving Seafood Chow Mian (or simply called Seafood Fried Noodles). For the dessert I have mixed fruit ~ orange, apple, and honey dew (melon).

This is how it looks like when uncover, from the top is a shallow dish and this time is where I place my fruit dessert. One fourth slices of apple, orange, and honey dew (melon).

At the bottom is where I place my Chow Mian. This is just a simple Simple Fried Noodles. I also added fresh cherry tomatoes on top.

The Seafood Chowmian consist of 2 shrimps, 4 clams, 2 slices of squid, 1 fish ball, and a piece of fish cake. I used ordinary noodles, some greens, onion, garlic, soy sauce, salt and pepper for seasoning, and olive oil for sauteing.

Taiwan is celebrating its 100th this year, along with that the local train (that will take you all around Taiwan) celebrated it by selling lunch boxes. The very first train in Taiwan was the CK 124, still exist in Ping xi, Taipei County.

Since I'm going back to the Philippines for good, I bought this for NT$200 souvenir.

Reflection from the past ~ CK 124 oldest train


  1. delicious!

    BTW, included your link on my blog at

    have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Lani! I like your fruits presentation! :D
    So when are you going back to the Philippines?
    Nice metal lunch box for your memorable stay in Taiwan. :)

  3. What a yummy way to find reflections!

  4. I love the arrangement of the fruit! Thanks for joining this week!

  5. The chow mien looks delish and the fishcake is so cute too!

  6. Very interesting and well presented.

  7. I would love to eat and eat and eat if the food is presented like this! Good job po. Visiting from Color connection. Here's my entry. Thank you and See you around.

  8. I love the food presentation and kudos to you dear for always preparing nice obento^_^

    Happy CC!

  9. that one pink outer, flower inside, it is too pretty to eat

  10. I'm only really good at eating.. hahaha .. super nice!

  11. Wahhh nakakagutom naman yan Lani.

    More Color Connection, have a great week ahead.


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