Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekend Food Tour: Ordinary Boxed Meal

This is how it looks like! This is not what I like about the Boxed Meal here in Taiwan. Commonly, everything is mix and added in a box. That's why everything taste the same :) Everything is warm and the food taste good, but it's fatty!

I only buy this kind of Boxed Meal if I'm really hungry. The place is just like buffet, you can get whatever you want, provided you'll pay by weighing what you've got! More Boxed Lunch Food Tour here...


  1. interesting...the amount you pay depends on how heavy your food is? parang yung ibang yoghurts dito, ganun din. am not sure kung may ganyan dito sa atin...probably wala pa. lol.

  2. Hi Lani! The BIG drumstick looks yumyum!! LOL
    This kinda boxed meal is quite similar to the Mixed Vegetables Economic Rice here in SG. You get to choose any choices of meat, fish, veggies, eggs, tofu etc from about 10-20 dishes(depending on how big the food stall is). Normally we choose 2-3 choices the most and will be charged according to the number of veggies and meat/fish..
    I presume that food in Taiwan must be quite expensive as it seems like majorities are charging by weight?

  3. I am very impressed of the box meal there. I see vegetable and chicken and that's really good ^_^

    Fried fish

  4. this is a life-saver when you're starving.:p

  5. i still prefer your own boxed meal, i always admired your creativity in doing it! but this one sounds fine also because food still taste good. i can imagined if i will create my own boxed meal, it will be like this, no art...hehehe! anyway, visiting you from food friday and wishing you a great weekend! :)


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