Friday, June 10, 2011

Weekend Food Tour: Vegetarian Boxed Meal

Everything for today is made from vegetables. From sticky rice dumplings, vegetable rolls, vegetable ball, brown sugar mochi with red bean, and pumpkin with red bean mochi. I went to my favorite Vegetarian Restaurant where all the food will be paid by its weight.
Sticky rice dumplings from Dragon Boat Festival

Vegetable Ball with Tofu

Vegetarian Rolls with Black Sesame Seed and Sweet Mayonnaise

Two kinds of mochi ~ pumpkin and brown sugar with red beans

Hope you enjoy this Japanese Style Vegetarian Bento!

Happy Friday!


  1. sounds like a healthy bento...i wonder what's mochi made from? looks too pretty to eat:)

    have a great weekend.

  2. Mochi is made of sticky powder rice :), added with any fresh flavor (like pumpkin or green tea, ect.)

  3. oh, these are gorgeous! i'm a firm believer that food shouldn't only taste good but also pleasing to the eyes and the rest of the senses.:p

    i'd like to try the vegetarian roll with black sesame looks delish!

  4. Wow...! Everything looks so delicious...! I wish we had such vegetarian restaurants here in Germany (I mean with sticky rice, mochi, and son on;))

  5. I missed "bachang" the sticky rice filled something inside. My Chinese boss used to order this and love it. I love the color of the food too it does look more yummier!

    Bagoong & Talong

  6. would love to taste them all, specially those vegetarian rolls...!
    layo kasi ng vegetarian restaurants dito sa bahay...

  7. These are great! I'm really trying to go vegetarian but it's hard because of a lack of tasty vegetable dishes.

    Visiting from FTF!

  8. im kinda curious about the mochi! :D

  9. everything looks delicious plus healthy! wish i could taste them too. i love the way they present their food, very pleasing. have a great weekend! :)

  10. your collection of boxed meals look so delicious..visiting for FTF

  11. great food and super nice presentation...Happy FTF!

  12. As much as I love your presentation but I'm afraid I can't eat them all!

  13. Hi Lani! This is the most delish vegetarian bento I've ever seen! Esp. the vegetarian rolls! :D
    First time I heard of foods like these charging by weight! Must be very exp.!
    Have an enjoyable weekend! ^.^

  14. I have never tried eating these kind of Japanese FOODS. I hope I could visit Japanese restaurants here in Mindanao and try to order them. Mine is up here:

  15. I am drooling with all your delicious and healthy food. I love the Vegetarian rolls.. looks so fresh!

    Visiting from Food trip Friday. Hope you could visit my entry here.

    I am your latest follower.

  16. wow! looks sooo yummy! visiting from FTF.. hopeyou could visit mine too

  17. The Vegetable Ball with Tofu looks interesting! I hope you can visit my entry, too. Thanks!

    Would you like to exchange links also?


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