Sunday, June 12, 2011

#19 ~ Refreshing Sesame Cold Noodles

Nothing to beat the heat except for light and cool meal as Sesame Cold Noodles! No need to spend a long time in the kitchen and fussing with all the heat. Just boiled any noodles you like, let it cool and add sesame paste, chopped one cucumber. Toss and voila, a meal for the day is made :)

Aside from noodles, I bought tea boiled egg to go along, sweet corn, half sliced apple, few grapes, and the jackfruit candy for dessert.



  1. wow. it's a very healthy meal!

    my yummy sunday entry is here:

    Lunch at Applebee's Colorado Springs

  2. wow yummy foods in a box? looks really yummy especially the noodles. very healthy

    My YS is up too...see you

  3. The sesame noodles look so freaking delicious...! I tried cold sesame noodles in one Taiwanese takeaway shop in Sydney and it was so refreshing!

  4. yay! so yummy! i want the cucumber!! yumm yumm!!! and nutritious too!!!

    my YS is up already!

    Fishy Talks | Gagay.MD | Oh Gosh Gulay | Pinoy.MD | Walking News Paper

  5. wow! this looks so healthy and yummy! My Yummy Sunday entry is already up too!

  6. Looks so yummy! The apples are the most enticing to me! :D

    Want some Rice Muffins aka Puto? I got some! See you at my table! :)

  7. uber yummy!

    already a follower, hope you follow back thanks!

  8. wow! that looks so yummy! so healthy, too! here is mine

  9. wow, this is one boxed healthy meal,super like:)

  10. Hi Lani! Your cold sesame noodles sounds yummy! What kinda sesame sauce did you use?

  11. the eggs and the slices of apples looks so yum!

  12. You are an inspiration! Hubby is in the morning shift now so I have more time to try different packed lunch.

    By the way, do you have email subscription? I'd like to keep updated with you blog post and my feed reader have 1000K plus unread posts.

    Visiting via Yummy Sunday. Hope you can do the same.

    Tonkatsu Bento

  13. delicious, healthy and looks really great! visiting you from yummy sunday and wishing you a great week! :)


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