Sunday, May 22, 2011

#10 ~ Bite Size Pizza for Lunch

Bento #10 ~ Mini Bite Pizza for Lunch

Mini pizza from left-over pizza sauce I made and the Fresh Milk Bread from yesterday's post, and fresh fruits and raw vegetables, a meal is created for the day.

I shaped the bread and cheese using my cookie cutter, spread with home-made pizza sauce, top with peppered beef and popped in the oven toaster. For the vegetables, simply slice the cucumber and carrots. For the kiwi, I shaped it with cookie cutter.

I arranged the pizza in lettuce, and place the vege and fruit in other container.



  1. I think I'm going to enjoy this mini pizza and the veggies too!

  2. Those look so fun and good Lani! Thanks for following Ordinary Inspirations... I'm now following your blog!

    On another note, will you vote for my blog? It only takes a second. Thanks, Traci

  3. Looks very yummy. I like your recipes. :) LG Tina

  4. love the presentation! so cute=)

    visiting late via Yummy Sunday:

  5. i love the presentation and looks very fresh and healthy...

    My ys is here..


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