Sunday, May 15, 2011

#06 ~ Smiling Spaghetti and Brocolli

Bento #06 ~ Spaghetti and Broccoli
 My two previous posts aren't showing, I guess it will take time before Blogger could figure/return them. Anyways, when I made this bento my husband told me it looks like for Halloween :) I thought of Jack-o-lantern. I'm a bit frugal here, I used the left over pizza sauce I made, chopped some peppered beef and added fresh basil and cheese. A great meal indeed!

I have here the following: blanched brocolli, cup of spaghetti, slice of guava, cherry tomatoes, and grapes.

I would like to give thanks Yummy Sunday for featuring Cream Cheese Brownie Bites for this week. I really appreciate it!


  1. This looks such fun and I bet it tastes good. Diane

  2. Glad to see many new bento posts in your blog :D)! The spaghetti looks delicious! I need to make pasta bento too :). You're right about Blogger, I also have the problem that some comments people wrote in my blog went missing, really quite annoying (especially because of the giveaway which is currently going on in my blog, so some people who might want to participate and have commented have got their comments removed by Blogger :(...)

  3. this is soooo creative! i bet it tastes great too!!! and wow, were those your brownies that PB featured? They looked mouthwatering!!! Wish I could have some those :D Happy YS! :)

  4. I love your happy spaghetti! It's so colorful and inviting!

    here are my YS posts. hope you visit!:

  5. Hi Lani..this is so cute.I cant help giggle while looking at it.Im sure its also delicious...I love the green slices that you put looks so crunchy!

  6. looks very yummy and and for sure super creative...

    Mine is up now...

  7. hi lani. you really have knack on ppreparing these yummies..looks so fun..

  8. A very beautiful presentation. My eyes was drawn to guava I missed that fruit!

    Arroz Caldo

  9. Very nice food presentation. The spaghetti looks so yummy!

  10. everything looks delish and healthy too=)

    visiting late from Yummy Sunday:


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