Sunday, May 29, 2011

#12 ~ Tuna Sandwich and Blanched Vegetables

Bento #12 ~ Tuna Sandwich and Blanched Veges
I baked the whole wheat bread creating into fun shaped like flowers, hearts, and even bears. I used tuna in water fresh from the can, I seldom eat canned food and if ever I have to add lots of vegetables to the meal. In here I used steamed okra wrapped in fish cake and baby corn as side dish. I also have mixed salad and seedless grapes for dessert.

whole wheat bread (refer to recipe)
tuna in water, drained
salt and pepper to taste

Cut the bread in half, spread some mayonnaise, top with tuna, and cheese, seasoned with salt and pepper. Place in an oven to toast, just to melt the cheese.

2 blanched baby corn
4 blanched okra
2 cake fish
Blanched baby corn, okra, and cake fish. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil. Cut the cake fish and insert the okra, slice into bite sizes.

romaine lettuce
cherry tomatoes
kanebo (fake crab meat)
sesame dressing
Chopped the lettuce, slice the cherry tomatoes and kanebo, drizzle with sesame dressing.

seedless grapes

Yummy Sunday
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  1. wow lani..sarap naman tingnan..lalo na siguro kung kainin..hehe! my fav actually kaso mahal yan ditow:I

    my YS is up also..hehe!

  2. folllowed here ang sarap dito..heheh..see you every now and then:)

  3. I think your bento is getting prettier and prettier day by day... :D!! Love the fish cake and the sandwich looks delicious too!

  4. Hi Lani! Love your fun shaped bread & fishcakes! What kinda fishcake did you use?

  5. wow looks really yummy...i wish marunong ako gumawa niyan...

  6. So much fun with the different shapes! It certainly looks yummy!

  7. Looking awesome! Craving a tuna sammy now, even though I don't eat animal products.. LOL Love what you did with the okra!


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